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The owner-managed 2HM Group consists of marketing and sales oriented consulting, an agency for customer relationship management communication as well as an interview and telemarketing center. We offer market research, strategy, consulting, creation, dialogue marketing, and digital marketing all in one place.

At our two company headquarters in Mainz, we employ over 65 professionals in the fields of consulting, market research, and agency services as well as 120 agents in our own interview and service center. Additionally, over 80 employees work on our offshore locations in the far east in the field of data management and image processing.


2HM Business Services GmbH
Agency for customer relationship-building communication

Focal Points: CRM & Dialogue Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Digital Sales- and Multi-Channel Concepts.


2HM & Associates GmbH
Consulting for Marketing and Sales Optimization

Focal Points: Customer Intelligence, Customer Centricity, Customer Relationship Management, and Customer Loyalty.


chatlogue communication GmbH
Agency for Innovative Messaging Solutions

Focal Points: Chatbot and Messaging Solutions to lead generation and support of Commerce and Customer Services.


TeleMatrix GmbH
Full service for world-wide telephone surveys

Focal Points: Customer surveys on i.e. employee satisfaction, price, and service.


Corporation and Company profiles


2HM & Associates GmbH

Die 2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING is an internationally involved consulting and market research company and is one of the pioneers in customer-centric consulting.

With our 360° approach, we accompany our clients on the entire way to a customer centricity focused company. For this, we offer the following four points: A differentiated customer offering, customer experiences that create loyalty, employees who think and act in a customer oriented way, and an infrastructure in which the necessary data is available and allocatable. We implement the problem statement of our clients in concepts, analyze the status quo and develop a roadmap in order to initiate changes on the way to consistent customer- or member-centered conduct.


  • Branch focus on automobile, healthcare, and commerce
  • Core competency in customer centricity concepts and customer oriented marketing and sales processes
  • Method and analysis based marketing as well as sales and service consulting
  • Implementation support and customer oriented change processes

Market Research and Consulting

  • Customer-specific product, service, and price composition
  • Customer-centered experience (CRM and Experience Management)
  • Customer oriented company culture (incl. business model evaluation)
  • Smart Infrastructure (Smart Data, Dashboards, Digital Solutions)
2hm Business Services_Frank Meyrahn


Mr. Frank Meyrahn
Breidenbacherstraße 8-10
D-55116 Mainz
Tel: (+49) 6131-37 16 60
Fax: (+49) 6131-37 16 50

chatlogue communication GmbH

chatlogue communication was founded in the heart of Munich in 2017 and is your full-service agency for innovative messaging solutions.

chatlogue communication is an owner controlled agency for innovative messaging solutions. We conceptualize, realize, and organize Chatbots to optimize the digital customer experience and support you with accompanying campaigns in customer management.

Our chatbots can be used in all phases of customer management. We make it possible for you to have automated communication with your customers through the entire customer journey, 24/7, in real time. Using this, you gain new customers, raise your sales count, and reach a higher level of customer loyalty.


  • Concepts
    • Consulting
    • UX-Design
    • Implementation
  • Solutions
    • Leadgeneration: Generate real leads with smart Chatbots.
    • E-Commerce/ Sales: Sell where your customers are active – on Messenger.
    • Customer Services: Chatbots care for efficient customer service
  • Campaigns
    • Facebook-Ads
    • Campaign Management


Martin Burst
chatlogue communication GmbH
Elsässerstr. 24
D-81667 München
Tel: (+49) +49 89 444 999 73


TeleMatrix was founded in Mainz in 2014 and is your full service partner for national and international phone surveys made in Germany.

We are a team of enagaged colleagues, who all posses long-time experience in telephone-based market research. Working together in partnerships, paying attention to quality, bringing passion, and dependably fulfilling the project – that is our promise.

To our clients, medium-sized and large service, industry, and trade companies are valued the same as other market research and field service institutes. In our modern phone studio, we have formed a multicultural highly-skilled interviewer team to dependably implement – in the B2B as well as the B2C sector. The highest quality and data security standards are non-negotiable for us.


  • Over 30 languages, over 40 countries
  • Professional IT system with Voxco Virtual Command Center
  • The highest transparency through call center management system “run e”
  • Over 80 agents (native speaker)
  • Specialists for B2B and management surveys


  • Business- and Executive Survey
  • Trade and sales surveys
  • Customer Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Post-Contact Survey
  • Recruiting difficult target groups
  • Lead Follow-up by Telephone


TeleMatrix GmbH
Bingerstr. 14-16
D-55122 Mainz
Tel: (+49) 6131-90 65 30 00
Fax: (+49) 6131-90 65 30 99

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