Our Mission

for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

We create customer dialogues and customer relations through data-based marketing. With our products and solutions we design and develop the marketing, sales and customer service of our customers in a digital world. The results of our work are measurable business success through more contacts, more sales and more customer loyalty.

Smart Data Schriftzug

We realize a databased Marketing

We create the process-related and software-technical prerequisites for databased marketing and support companies in building ``customer insights`` in a digital world. With the help of this database, recommendations for marketing, sales and customer service can be derived in order to measure the quality and efficiency of the offered ``Customer Journey & Customer Experience`` and develop it further in a customer-oriented way.
Smart Campaign Schriftzug

We create Customer Dialoges and Customer Relations through Multi-Channel Communication

We design and implement campaigns, dialog programs, CRM programs and digital platforms to establish sustainable customer dialogs with existing and new customers of a brand or company. The data from the interaction with customers is systematically measured, recorded, analyzed and made usable. A continuous improvement of customer approach and interactions in marketing, sales and customer service leads to more contacts, more sales and more customer loyalty.
Smart Technology Schriftzug

We develop Marketing, Sales and Customer Service through Digital Solutions

We design, develop and operate digital solutions and platforms and use modern technologies to automate marketing, sales and customer service. We integrate processes, systems and relevant contact channels along the ``customer journey``. The use of data-based and intelligent systems creates precisely tailored content and offers for a consistently positive customer experience with the brand and the company.
Christian Burst
Christian Burst
Managing Director

How we work

”The interaction of current and usable data, custom-fit multi-channel communication and the use of modern technologies provides the foundation for business success in the digital age.”

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