CRM- und dialogue program with integrated online vehicle portal for customers

Euromaster GmbH is a company for tires and autoservice. Euromaster maintains over 2300 service centers in 17 European countries. Of these, 300 are in Germany.


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The Goal

The goal of Euromaster Masterchecks is to gain new clients and at the same time, create long-lasting loyalty among current customers.


The Tasks

The main consideration of the Mastercheck Program is to create the concept that the generation of customer and participant data does not have to overwhelm the cutomer or the internal organization. Additionally, learned processes and the CRM-system must be used as a basis. The data should be simultaneously connected to a benefit for the final customer. Then from this data, the constructed multi-channel dialogue programs link cross-media campaigns and a channel-specific world of benefits for all participating customers.


The Solution

The CRM Mastercheck Program is a loyalty program, in which CRM data is collected through a simple system based on a multi-channel dialogue program. The entrance to the program forms the Mastercheck, a free inspection of the vehicle for all end clients, with which the diverse customer data is collected. Thsi will be used to create personalized cross-media mails, which remind the clients of upcomping inspections.
The logistics of print mailing with subsequently be transfered to the digital section. In the online vehicle portal, MeinEuromaster (My Euromaster), Mastercheck clients can pull up their vehicle data at any time and receive a printable inspection certificate. In support of this, a mailing route, promotional videos, as well as clarification videos were created.

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