E-Mail Marketing for YouDinner

The YouDinner Club offers its participants exclusive gastronomic events in extraordinary locations. Both regional chefs as well as international top chefs conjure culinary highlights that leave you wanting more.

The Goal

The goal is to regularly inform YouDinner participants about current events and through this, raise event ticket sales. Otherwise, newsletter subscribers should be motivated to become participants.


The Tasks

  • Selection and implementation of a distribution system
  • Conception and design of templates for club members and newsletter subscribers
  • Design and programming of the individual campaigns
  • Conception and controlling of marketing automation
  • Data and address management
  • Controlling distribution
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Continuous optimization and advancement


The Solution

The different requirements of the varying target groups, club members, and subscribers will not be fulfilled just by differentiating the newsletters. Marketing automation and trigger-based mails make it possible to communicate the right information at the right time. For example, a welcome message can specifically respond to the need for information of newsletter subscribers and, with the right timing, use activating elements to acquire a new membership.

A gateway to the member portal ensures the consistency of the data and its availablity in the distribution system. Through this, we can create segments based on interested parties, place, and much more. Individually tailored campaigns for every individual recipient deliver more value to the user.

On the basis of regular reporting and analysis, development potential is deduced and implemented. Furthermore, hypothesis-based A-/B-Tests guide the constant advancement of all of e-mail marketing for YouDinner.

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