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Customized Dialog Campaigns through successful Communication Solutions

We are an agency specialized in establishing and maintaining customer dialogues. With our method of data-based marketing and our solutions, we ensure relevant messages through intelligent dialogue programs. The results are the best customer relationships for more sales, more profit and customer loyalty.

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Our Agency Services in Dialog Marketing

Web Development & Web Design Services

Dialog Marketing Smart Strategy

Smart Strategy

When developing your Dialog Campaign, we focus entirely on the acquisition of new customers and their future retention, as well as on developing relationships with profitable existing customers.

Consulting & Conception

  • Determination of the actual Situation
  • Definition of your Target Group
  • Determination of suitable Advertising Media
  • Development of a Dialogue Strategy
  • Budget Determination and Definition
  • Campaign Conception
Dialog Marketing Smart Data

Smart Data


We are also an experienced partner in the area of data and address management: we offer you these services in high quality and at attractive prices.

Data & Address Management

  • Digitization and Capture of Paper Documents
  • Collection of Data
  • Further Data and Address Validation
Dialog Marketing Smart Campaign

Smart Campaign


Use the extensive marketing know-how of our specialists for your campaigns and relieve your employees in their daily business.

Campaign Design & Creation

  • Modern Design
  • Development of Corporate Design
  • Brand Presence
  • Provision of Editorial Content
  • Editorial Office


Campaign Management

  • Campaign Support
  • Budget Control
  • Campaign Execution & Optimization
  • Automation


Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Review of the Communication Goals
  • Proof of the Effect of Advertising Measures
  • Calculation of the Return-On-Investment
  • Optimization of current Campaigns
  • Creation of Forecasts for future Campaigns
  • Drawing up Recommendations for Action
Dialog Marketing Smart Technology

Smart Technology


We design, program and operate technology solutions for customized dialogue and loyalty programs and integrate technical connections such as e-mail dispatch systems, lettershop or online tools.

Technology Solutions

  • Customer Portals and Marketing Campaign Website
  • Chatbots and Voice Assistant Solutions
  • App Solutions
  • E-Mail Dispatch Systems
  • Lead Management Tools
  • Customer Feedback Solutions (Fanscan)
  • Messaging Solutions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Tracking and Analysis Tools

Our Products - Dialog Marketing

Loyalty Programs

  • (Online) Customer Clubs
  • Bonus and Loyalty Programs
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Subscription & Membership Models
  • Referral Programs
  • Customer Magazines

Digital Marketing

  • Google Ads
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Google Shopping
  • Social Media Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • E-Mailing Campaigns
  • Newsletter
  • Mailing Routes along the Customer Journey
  • Marketing-Automation

Print Advertising Material

  • Postal Mailings
  • Catalogs & Magazines
  • Supplements
  • Classical Advertisements
    with Response Elements

Web Portals

  • Online Customer Clubs
  • Onlineshops
  • Marketing-Website
  • Landingpages

Dialoge Programs

  • Multi-level channel-specific Dialog Programs
  • Omni-Channel Dialog Programs
  • Customer Life Cycle Dialog Programs

Conversational Marketing

  • Chatbots (AI based)
  • Voicebots
  • Apps

Customer Feedback

  • Customer Feedback / Fanscan / Fan Principle
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Online Surveys

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