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Customer Relationship Management with methods

Gain new clients and increase formal inquiries- Thanks to modern technology and software solutions, we can optimally support you through your enterprises. As specialists in gaining new clients and building customer relationships, we give you extensive advice to effectively reach your goals. We care for the implementation of the strategy with our holistic agency services.

Good to know: Our concepts and a proven campaign management method deliver you measurable results. With this, we guarantee the highest quality standards.

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Our Services

  • Strategy Development
  • Target Group / Market / Industry Analysis
  • Establishment of Professional Concepts
  • Sales Concepts and Distribution Measure
  • Loyalty Concepts for Customer Relationships and Customer Enthusiasm

Developing and Organizating Client Clubs and Dialogue Programs

  • Participant and Partnermanagement
  • Campaign Execution
  • Development and Operation of the Technical Infrastructure
  • Reporting
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Design

Regulating and Implementing Campaigns

  • Online Campaigns & Online Client Clubs
  • Print Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Web Analysis


Gaining new clients and client relationship strengthening methods. Profit from our long-standing industry experience in the strategy and concept development of effective customer relationship management – from Client Club through to dialogue programs.

Data Management and Analytics

The basis of successful CRM is valid and useful data. We advise you step by step on the way there and develop the data strategy and analytics togetehr with you.

Campaign Management

Do you need support in the planning, controlling, and execution of channel-specific and comprehensive campaigns? With us you receive planning, creation and implementation all from one source.

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