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Innovative Software Products and Software Development for best Customer Relations!

As an agency, we offer you our own software solutions from the 2HM group of companies and support you in the development of individual software – from creation, development and quality assurance to marketing. With us as your partner for successful software applications, we work with you to implement ideas,
before your competition does.

Our Agency Services and Products - Software & SaaS

Based on our many years of experience, we design for your company
an individual software according to your goals and wishes.

Take a look at our reference projects:

Software Fanscan



FanScan® is the unique, digital tool for measuring emotional customer relationships, employee relationships and member relationships - in real time!

Measuring and Strengthening Relationship Quality

  • Better understand Customer/Member Relationships
  • Easily identify Customer/Member Types
  • Analyze Data in real time
  • User-friendly Operation
Software & SaaS - chathero

chathero® - smart conversational ai-solutions


Next Level Customer Service!
chathero is an AI-powered SaaS-Chatbot-Platform offering you better customer services, more leads and increase of sales

Solutions & Benefits

  • Customer Service: AI powered 24/7 personalized customer service automation on different platforms.
  • Lead generation: Increase of conversion through smart lead routing and conversational marketing.
  • Sales Engine: Growing sales and up-selling through AI-powered custom tailored offers.
Software & SaaS - Happy guest - smart hospitality solutions is an AI-based SaaS-Chatbot-Plattform - offering hotels an easy to use software to manage their services and customer interactions by conversational marketing, sales and customer service.

Solutions & Benefits

  • Leads: Increase of booking and sales channels through different media channels and conversational marketing
  • Sales: Automated customer services. Better cross and upselling opportunities through AI based custom tailored offers.
  • Loyalty: Integration with loyalty programs. Continuously automated automated rule-based broadcasting to strengthen the brand and customer retention

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