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Data collection: From paper to data –
fast, cost-efficient, and higher quality

You can profit from our professional service of data and address collection – from the digitalization and collection of documents in paper form to the collection of data and further data and address validation. We offer you these services in high quality at attractive prices.

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Data Collection

We capture addresses and information from paper documents
Data collection: fast, cost effective and high quality.


We capture addresses and information from raffle cards including verifying the postal accuracy and deliverability.

Questionnaires and Surveys

We combine an automated collection using the newest technology with manual post-processing and clearly specified deciding rules.

Order Forms

We collect all customer data and order information for later use.

Declaration of Consent

We gather the high-value qualitative information for you from the forms quickly. We then reference the digitized original document with the corresponding data set.


We digitize invoices and compile them for the execution of essential data.

Fair Contact

Irrespective whether they are business cards or contact forms, we digitize the qualitative, high value information quickly.

Our Services

  • Digitization using modern scanning technology (OCR / ICR / OMR)
  • Multi-step data collection process: Combination of software-based process and manual post-processing and plausibility checking
  • Filling out Reference Tables
  • Collection in multiple languages
  • Multi-step checking process to secure quality
  • Issuing the data in a defined data structure and in the chosen output format
  • Data standardization and validation
  • Testing of addresses for postal deliverability and, if neccessary, corrections
  • Duplicate Correction
  • Validation of collected data based on project specific needs
  • Reworking incomplete information
  • Web Research


Just leave it to us

  • Large quantities of data are available in a shorter time
  • High flexibility of different resource requirements
  • Cost Savings
  • Systematic Content-Editing
  • Compliance with data protection regulations

Quality Guarantee

Digitalization and Data Collection at a High Quality Level

  • Data Security as the highest imperative
  • Attention to detail
  • Expert team with experienced coworkers
  • Continued quality control
  • Highly accurate data conversion through tested systems and processes

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Christian Burst
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