Breuninger relies specifically on skills of professionals from 2HM Business Services

Breuninger operates as a multi-channel fashion and lifestyle company in Germany with eleven warehouses and an online shop and is based on integrated eCRM in online customer communication through e-mail marketing.

The goal

The goal of online dialogue marketing is to bring interested parties along the customer life cycle with customer oriented communication. With this, the experts at 2HM Business Services take on the operational campaign management for target-group specific e-mail communication.


The tasks

2HM Business Services takes on the operational campaign management. Breuniger uses e-mail marketing as a strategic communication channel, to strengthen e-commerce sales in the online shop and to raise frequency of visitors in Breuniger stores.


The solution

The focus is to inform online customers as well as store customers about the different benefits of the e-shop, new stock, and trends, as well as exclusive events in Breuninger stores using e-mail marketing. Aside from the marketing campaign, the e-mail system will also send automated tips, like Breuninger card online billing, to Breuninger card-holding customers.

2HM Business Services in Mainz will oversee the following: obtaining the preferential sales goals, raising the attractivness of the customer card, and carrying out customer relationship management along the customer life-cycle at the forefront of strategic e-mail marketing.

Target group selection, the composition as well as the campaign content and rules, will be implemented within the parameter of the execution of the campaign directly into the email system.

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