Agency for Social Media Marketing

Win leads and customers through focused measures on Social Media Platforms

Profit from high reach in social networks!  We place your messages with targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram as well as in the business network Linkedin and bring your company new leads and customers.

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Our agency services in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Channel

  • Creation and Set Up of the Social Media Account
  • Setup of the Advertisement Manager
  • Creation & Integration of the Facebook Pixel

Campaigns, Ads & Advertising Formats

  • Definition of the Goals
  • Creation of Advertising Campaigns
  • Set Up of Display Groups
  • Creation of Advertising Formats and Ads
  • Publication of Advertisements
  • Campaign Management

Content Marketing &

  • Development of Content Strategy
  • Creation of Image and Video Content
  • Text Content & Editing
  • Content Management

Reporting &

  • Set Up of Reporting & Dashboard
  • Analysis & Monitoring of Social Campaigns
  • Campaign and Budget Optimization

Social Media Channels

Social Media Marketing Leistungen

Social Media Marketing LinkedIn 1

Linkedin Ads - Business to Business

Use Linkedin as a high-reach social business network to interact with your customers and promote your products, content and services. By targeting your advertising campaigns, we increase your visibility, promote your brand, deepen business relationships and generate new leads.

Lead Generation via Linkedin

  • Consultation to determine the Campaign Goals
  • Potential Analysis Linkedin
  • Story Telling & Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Conception: Ads I Content I Landingpage I Leadmanagement
  • Creation of Ads & Content including Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Conversational Ads, Message Ads, Video Ads, Text Ads
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting & Optimization
Social Media Marketing Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram Campaigns


With Facebook Ads you can promote your company in the two most used social networks: Facebook and Instagram. Increase your visibility and attract new customers.

We identify the right target group for you via profile data such as interests and habits. Thus we guarantee low wastage and an accurate targeting. In this way you reach exactly the right prospective customers.

Reach & Leads via targeted Social Media Advertising!

  • Account Creation & Set Up Advertisement Manager
  • Development of Storytelling and Campaign Conception
  • Creation of Advertisements including Banner Ads, Video Ads, Carousel, Slideshow, Canvas, Lead Ads, Dynamic Ads
  • Placement & Placement of Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Facebook Messenger
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting & Optimization
Social Media Marketing Messenger

Messenger & Conversational Marketing


Do marketing via instant messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger. Send direct messages to prospects, clients or customers to create personal and individual communication. Success is guaranteed, because nowhere else will you reach your target group faster, more directly and more easily.

Customer Communication in Facebook Messenger

  • Home Tab Ads in your Messenger Mailbox
  • Destination Messenger Ads on Facebook or Instagram Newsfeed
  • Sponsored Messages (Prominent Placement in Facebook Messenger)
  • Push Messages via Facebook Messenger
  • Broadcasting Messages (Subscription Broadcast, Promotional Broadcast, Follow-Up Broadcast)
  • Chatbots for automated Messages

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