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More efficient contact management & more sales success through automated processes

We analyze and evaluate existing marketing, sales and customer service measures and identify starting points for process automation. We accompany your company on the way to introducing automation for marketing, sales & customer service.

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Our agency services in Marketing & Sales Automation

Marketing- & Sales-Automation - Services



We develop professional automation solutions for you to generate new leads via various contact channels as well as solutions for the loyalty of existing customers through excellent customer dialogue.

Approaches to Marketing

  • Automation of Lead Generation - collection of customer data and data profiles via various contact channels
  • Automation of E-Mail Campaigns - mailing routes along the customer journey and according to customer behavior
  • Automation of the Customer Dialog through rule-based loyalty programs
  • Data Analytics Automation - Create automated reports & dashboards for management decisions
  • Automation of Digital Marketing
  • including Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Marketing- und Vertriebsautomation - Marketing-Automation
Web-Development - Analyse & Konzeption



We transfer prospects from lead campaigns into a tool-based and data-supported lead management process to automate sales activities. The results are transparent processes, coordinated measures and automated campaigns to increase your sales success.

Approaches for Sales

  • Automation of recurring sales processes (scheduling, preparation and follow-up of customer appointments, preparation of offers, monitoring of open offers, reporting)
  • Automation of lead management (automatic distribution, evaluation and prioritization of leads)
  • Automation of sales promotion and incentive measures (vouchers, coupons, raffles, etc.)
  • Automation through online store systems (invoicing, shipping & returns, etc.)

Customer Service-Automation

Benefit from automating your customer service processes to replace manual routine processes and requests and use the valuable resources freed up for value-adding activities. We support your company in improving processes and efficiency in customer service. By using artificial intelligence supported chatbots we provide a successful balance between personal service and automation for excellent customer service.

Approaches to Customer Service

  • Automation of Customer Service through chatbots (answering questions about products, services, orders; FAQs, requesting information, categorizing incoming messages)
  • Automation of customer feedback through chatbots & apps (conducting surveys, complaint management)
  • Automation of customer loyalty programs (bonus and loyalty programs, customer clubs, recovery)
  • Automation of video & voice recording (recording of incoming and outgoing calls for analysis and improvement of service quality & logging of customer contact data)
  • Automation through self-services (allow standard requests to be processed independently)
Marketing- & Vertirebsautomation - Vertriebs-Automation

Your advantages at a glance


Automated control of procedures and processes


More effective & targeted communication


High quality leads

Time & Costs

time & cost saving


Reduction of personnel expenses


Consolidation of customer relations and contacts


Increase of the conversion rate


Faster sales growth

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